Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go figure!!!

Explain this to me please.... congress and the media blamed the mortgage industry for writing what was called sub-prime financing... to people with feces for credit and little or no cash in the transaction... and then blame mortgage brokers for the entire melt down... and soooooo here we go to the Fannie Mae HomePath web site... seems that they have those REO's to sell off...
  • Low down payment and flexible mortgage terms (fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, or interest-only)
  • You may qualify even if your credit is less than perfect
  • Available to both owner occupiers and investors
  • Down payment (at least 3 percent) can be funded by your own savings; a gift; a grant; or a loan from a nonprofit organization, state or local government, or employer
  • No mortgage insurance*
  • No appraisal fees
  • Also eligible for HomePath Renovation Mortgage
  • HomePath Mortgage financing is available from a variety of lenders...
Guess when the government does it all is good... do as I say not as I do...

What am I missing?

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