Saturday, February 6, 2010

Throw The Bums Out

Due to their allegations of gross mis-management congress forced Rick Wagoner, GM CEO to resign... back doored Ken Lewis, Bank of America CEO into quitting... yet not one CEO of even one of the Wall Street firms that created the bogus investment instruments that gave us this economic crisis has been forced 0ut by congress... A.I.G wrote fraudulent, yet legal!!!, "insurance" policies for those instruments, thereby proving that two wrongs do not make a right!...Yet no one at A.I.G has been charged with anything stronger than double parking!

However... Congress, in accepting campaign contributions from the very industries that it is RESPONSIBLE for regulating. has been bought and paid for... it has done the bidding of Wall Street, Insurance and Finance has removed Glass-Steagall and the majority of laws designed to prevent this catastrophe. It is guilty of the very same gross mis-management of the finances of the United States... how much and from who has your representative taken?
Take a look... If the purchasing manager of your company was taking kick-backs from vendors what would you do? Are campaign contributions any less than kick-backs?

It is about time that "We The People", put down the remote control, get off our butts, go out and vote... THROW THE BUMS OUT.

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