Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reality Check on The Housing Crisis

The time to damn people "who got in over their heads" passed three years ago... what do you say to the person with an 800 FICO score, worked hard for his or her adult life... still has "7 figures" in a retirement plan, has the Suze Orman "Gold Star" for having been perfect with their finances... and even, in 2005 bought that $500,000 dream home with $200,000 cash down... problem... that home is in Stockton, CA,... Las Vegas... Phoenix, AZ or any number of other hard hit areas... and is now, on a really great day, valued at $175,000?... The simple fact is, the "20%" took down 100% of the real estate markets... "We the People" bailed out the banks and Wall Street... effectively shunting all of the losses onto the homeowners... without a halt to the real estate crisis, the states will continue to sink into an ever deepening financial abyss... this is not just a moral decision... but a common sense business reality...

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