Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Will Congress Do About the Deficit

The mid-term elections are over, resulting in a real shift of power in Washington. Questions are being raised as to how this new "fiscally conservative" congress will address the deficit. Congress is at fault for the financial straights we are in.... by looking the other way and doing their bidding, Congress is a codependent with the banks actions and failures... the same is true of Wall Street... the crime here is that, with the members of congress full cooperation it is the lobbies for these industries who actually lay the groundwork of new legislation that is supposed to "regulate" those very same industries... they are already at work crafting any changes to existing law designed to minimize the effect of that new legislation.

The answer to my question is, as "we the people" have little to say, congress will act in its own best interest (raising campaign contributions) and only reduce the deficit in ways that can only hurt middle America. We the People will get the mookey end of the stick yet again...

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