Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haitian Relief... and US Jobs

An interesting thought... There are about 20,000 incorporated municipalities in the US. If each raised only $20,000 we could rapidly provide good manufactured housing for at least 20,000 Haitian families. The average retail price for a quality single wide manufactured home home is $24,000. Purchased in bulk, the cost would easily be negotiated substantially lower. These can be produced very fast; and provide the side benfit of creating tens of thousand jobs in the building trade here in the US. It would also have the benefit of creating thousands of jobs in Haiti for Haitians.

Increase the fund raising and more homes can be be provided, aiding thousands more; and. resulting in the creation of more jobs both here and in Haiti. The side effect and benefit of providing the humanitarian aid the situation demands, while at the same time the economies of both countries benefit. The long term benefit that Haiti requires; the hope that President Clinton has been talking about.

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