Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Massachussetts Election

Finally, after more than two years, in commenting on the "upset" election of Sen. Brown, the NY Times finally recognized, admitted and commented on the fact the administration, while well intentioned, is completely lost in its dogma... A blind person, with an ounce of political savvy should have seen this coming! Health Care reform, without first properly addressing the housing and economic crises is a lost cause. The roof over a persons head and the ability to pay for it come first.

I believe that in order to direct our attention away from the miserably failed economic policies of Chairman Bernanke and Secretary Geithner, Mr. Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid pushed the health care "plan" as a misdirect ploy. The housing crisis IS THE ROOT CAUSE of this entire catastrophe. From first hand experience in attempting loan modifications for clients, I can attest that none one of the programs currently in place has a chance in hell of effecting the relief that is required. Secretary Geithner boasts of aiding some 375,000 homeowners... a grossly inflated number... but even so, at the present rate, when this ends no less than 3-5 years from now we ultimately will have 20-25 MILLION homeowners needing assistance, what good is even his number!!! Simple fact, In the largest markets,every home has been negatively impacted by the foreclosures and short sales.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, properly address the housing and jobs disasters... NOTHING is more important to Americans... then talk to us about reforming health care... We may say that we support this issue, or that issue... but we always vote with one hand on our wallets... that ladies and gentlemen is politics 101!

It's still the foreclosures stupid.... it's the foreclosures...

The NY Times Editorial:

The Democratic Party has rarely, if ever, been a cohesive group... but this is turning out to be a real Charlie Foxtrot..... Charlie Foxtrot... Charlie Foxtrot

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